September 3, 2016

Placare, Christe, Servulis (O Christ, Thy Guilty People Spare!)

Placare, Christe, Servulis is attributed to the Archbishop of Mainz, Rabanus Maurus (776-856). It is traditionally sung at Vespers on the Feast of All Saints (November 1) in the Roman Breviary. The english translation: O Christ, Thy Guilty People Spare! is by Edward Caswall (1814-1878). It can be sung to any hymn tune with metre such as the 7th century Latin hymn: Creator Alme Siderum.


1. Placare, Christe, servulis,
Quibus Patris clementiam
Tuae ad tribunal gratiae
Patrona Virgo postulat.

2. Et vos beata, per novem
Distincta gyros agmina,
Antiqua cum praesentibus,
Futura damna pellite. 

3. Apostoli cum Vatibus,
Apud severum Judicem,
Veris reorum fletibus
Exposcite indulgentiam.

4. Vos purpurati Martyres,
Vos candidati praemio
Confessionis, exsules
Vocate nos in partriam. 

5. Chorea casta Virginum,
Et quos eremus incolas
Transmisit astris, coelitum
Locate nos in sedibus.

6. Auferte gentem perfidam
Credentium de finibus,
Ut unus omnes unicum
Ovile nos pastor regat.

7. Deo Patri sit gloria,
Natoque Patris unico,
Sancto simul Paraclito,
In sempiterna saecula.

O CHRIST, THY GUILTY PEOPLE SPARE! (translated by Fr. Edward Caswall)

1. O Christ, Thy guilty people spare!
Lo, kneeling at Thy gracious throne,
Thy Virgin-Mother pours her prayer,
Imploring pardon for her own.

2. Ye Angels, happy evermore!
Who in your circles nine ascend,
As ye have guarded us before,
So still from harm our steps defend.

3. Ye Prophets and Apostles high!
Behold our penitential tears;
And plead for us when death is nigh,
And our all-searching Judge appears.

4. Ye Martyrs all! a purple band
And Confessors, a white-robed train;
Oh, call us to our native land,
From this our exile, back again.

5. And ye, 0 choirs of Virgins chaste!
Receive us to your seats on high;
With Hermits whom the desert waste
Sent up of old into the sky.

6. Drive from the flock, 0 Spirit blest!
The false and faithless race away;
That all within one fold may rest,
Secure beneath one Shepherd's sway.

7.  To God the Father glory be,
And to His sole-begotten Son;
And glory, Holy Ghost, to Thee,
While everlasting ages run.

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