November 3, 2012

Holy God, We Praise Thy Name / Te Deum

Hark the glad celestial hymn

Holy God, We Praise Thy Name, first published 1774 was written by Ig­naz Franz (1719-1790). It is based upon the text of the early Latin hymn, Te Deum which is today prayed at the conclusion of the Office of the Readings on Solemnities and on Sundays outside of Lent. The 1858 English translation from the original German was by Fr. Clarence Walworth (1820-1900), an American Catholic who practiced law before entering into the Priesthood. It is set to the tune Grosser Gott (Te Deum), first published in 1774 it has been attributed to Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). In the Liturgy of the Hours, Holy God, We Praise Thy Name is used during Ordinary Time for Night Prayer.

HOLY GOD, WE PRAISE THY NAME by Clarence Walworth, 1858 (Public Domain)

1. Holy God, we praise Thy Name;
Lord of all, we bow before Thee!
All on earth Thy scepter claim,
All in Heaven above adore Thee;
Infinite Thy vast domain, Everlasting is Thy reign. (2X)

2. Hark! the loud celestial hymn
Angel choirs above are raising,
Cherubim and seraphim,
In unceasing chorus praising;
Fill the heavens with sweet accord: Holy, holy, holy, Lord. (2X)

3. Lo! the apostolic train
Join the sacred Name to hallow;
Prophets swell the loud refrain,
And the white robed martyrs follow;
And from morn to set of sun, Through the Church the song goes on. (2X)

4. Holy Father, Holy Son,
Holy Spirit, Three we name Thee;
While in essence only One,
Undivided God we claim Thee;
And adoring bend the knee, While we own the mystery. (2X)

5. Thou art King of glory,
Christ: Son of God, yet born of Mary;
For us sinners sacrificed,
And to death a tributary:
First to break the bars of death, Thou has opened Heaven to faith. (2X)

6. From Thy high celestial home,
Judge of all, again returning,
We believe that Thou shalt come
In the dreaded doomsday morning;
When Thy voice shall shake the earth, And the startled dead come forth. (2X)

7. Spare Thy people, Lord, we pray,
By a thousand snares surrounded:
Keep us without sin today,
Never let us be confounded.
Lo, I put my trust in Thee; Never, Lord, abandon me. (2X)

Gregorian Chant

TE DEUM, Anonymous (Public Domain)

Te Deum laudamus: te Dominum confitemur.
Te aeternum Patrem omnis terra veneratur.
Tibi omnes Angeli; tibi caeli et universae Potestates;
Tibi Cherubim et Seraphim incessabili voce proclamant:
Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra maiestatis gloriae tuae.
Te gloriosus Apostolorum chorus,
Te Prophetarum laudabilis numerus,
Te Martyrum candidatus laudat exercitus.
Te per orbem terrarum sancta confitetur Ecclesia,
Patrem immensae maiestatis:
Venerandum tuum verum et unicum Filium;
Sanctum quoque Paraclitum Spiritum.
Tu Rex gloriae, Christe.
Tu Patris sempiternus es Filius.
Tu ad liberandum suscepturus hominem,
non horruisti Virginis uterum.
Tu, devicto mortis aculeo,
aperuisti credentibus regna caelorum.
Tu ad dexteram Dei sedes, in gloria Patris.
Iudex crederis esse venturus.
Te ergo quaesumus, tuis famulis subveni:
quos pretioso sanguine redemisti.
Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuis in gloria numerari.

V. Salvum fac populum tuum, Domine, et benedic hereditati tuae.
R. Et rege eos, et extolle illos usque in aeternum.
V. Per singulos dies benedicimus te;
R. Et laudamus Nomen tuum in saeculum, et in saeculum saeculi.
V. Dignare, Domine, die isto sine peccato nos custodire.
R. Miserere nostri Domine, miserere nostri.
V. Fiat misericordia tua,
R. Domine, super nos, quemadmodum speravimus in te.
V. In te, Domine, speravi: non confundar in aeternum. Amen


  1. May God bless Ignaz Franz and Franz Joseph Haydn for giving us this great and most glorious hymn to the Lord God Almighty, and may God bless Fr Clarence Walworth for translating it into English so that we can sing it across all corners of the world today

    1. Well said. Even after going through each of these hymns; discovering and re-discovering all this beautiful music...... 'Holy God, We Praise Thy Name' remains my personal favourite.


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