April 24, 2016

From the Rippling of the River

From the Rippling of the River is a hymn by the Catholic Priest, author, and hymn writer Reverend Father Henry Augustus Rawes (1826-1885). A convert from the Church of England, he was ordained a Catholic Priest in 1857. He was an original member of the English Congregation of Oblates of St. Charles, established the Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Notting Hill, London), and (with approval of Pope Leo XIII) founded the Confraternity of the Servants of the Holy Ghost in 1879. He composed a handbook for the society which contained devotions to the Holy Spirit. Among them was a "Little Office of the Holy Ghost" which utilized the following hymn. For each of the traditional hours of the Breviary, two verses where sung. No tune is specified, but it can sung to Drakes Broughton by Edward Elgar, as featured in the video below.



From the rippling of the river.
From the waving tree of life,
Gabriel came, a fiery splendour,
Came from God to Joseph's wife.

When with spirit, strong and tender.
Low he knelt in Mary's cell,
In the wondrous work of ages
Jesus came with us to dwell.


Angels, kneeling by the manger,
Gazed upon the kingly Child;
Jesus, born of Virgin-Mother,
Looked up in her face and smiled.

Through long years He dwelt with Mary
In the holy home unseen;
Waiting for the time appointed.
Lived the lowly Nazarene.


On He went, with blessings laden,
In His sweetness and His might;
And the souls that lay in darkness
Saw the shining of His light.

Crucified and dead. He slumbered
Sweetly in His garden grave:
In His risen light ascending,
Blessings to His own He gave.


After ten long days of waiting
Came the Spirit from above;
For He would not leave them orphans,
And He brought them gifts of love.

Fount of truth and light and healing.
With His gifts that Spirit came;
Then the tongues of cloven brightness
Swiftly set their hearts on flame.


Then the sevenfold grace descended;
With it all their souls were filled;
And they gave their Master's message.
Speaking as the Spirit willed.

Forth they went in light and gladness.
Never ceasing, never dim;
Leaving every love for Jesus,
Giving every love to Him.


Reigneth over all the Spirit
Of the Father and the Son;
Yet in lowly hearts He dwelleth
Till the work of God be done.

Balsam of the true Physician,
Always, Holy Ghost, Thou art;
Healing every pain and sorrow.
Giving joy to every heart.


Now the shades of evening deepen,
Now the night comes on apace;
Holy Spirit, give Thy servants
Thoughts of fire and gifts of grace.

Thou dost shine on those who love Thee,
Through the darkness of the night;
Holy Spirit, be our Helper,
Be our Everlasting Light.


May the Spirit, dwelling in us.
As the noonday, bright and clear,
Fill the souls of all His servants
Full of love and holy fear.

So when Jesus comes to judgment,
And before His throne we stand,
Words of gracious love will bring us
Safely to the Promised Land.