Links to online resources available for the Liturgy of the Hours.


General Introduction on the Liturgy of the Hours - Online edition of the 1971 document by the Congregation for Divine Worship. Also available as 40 page pdf version.

Discovering Prayer - An introduction and tutorial to the Liturgy of the Hours. 76 page guide (pdf) written by Seth H. Murray.

Coffee and Canticles -  A blog all about the Liturgy of the Hours. Written by author and columnist, Daria Sockey; it is informative, reflective, funny, and a great way to engage with others that pray the Divine Office. Daria is the author of The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours and a contributing writer for the Catholic Exchange, the Catholic Digest, and Our Sunday Visitor.

Come! Let's Pray! - Laypersons Guide for Praying the Liturgy of the Hours. 23 page pdf document published by Radio Maria.

Laudis Canticum (1970) - by Pope Paul VI,  Apostolic Constitution promulgating the Divine Office as revised in accordance with the Decree of the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican. 4 page pdf document.

Norfolk Catholic Examiner - Column written by Secular Franciscan, Joseph Speranzella that reflects upon Liturgy of the Hours.

Implementing the Liturgy of the Hours in the Parish - An article by Michael R. Prendergast discussing the role of the Office in the life of the Parish.


Divine Office Hymns - Links to 164 hymn tunes that are in the edition of the Divine Office (non-ICEL, 1974) which is approved for use in Australia, England, Gambia, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Malaysia, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, Wales, West Indies and Zimbabwe.

Liturgy of the Hours Hymns - Brief description and links to the 185 hymns found in the single volume, "Christian Prayer" (ICEL, 1975) edition of the Office.

Metrics in Music - Helpful instruction to the use of music with the Hours and links to tunes of many of the hymns.

Classical Liberal Arts Academy - Hymn tunes for the daily prayers, as well as a Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours, and a number of recordings of the hymns that can be purchased.

Hymn Tunes for the Divine Office - 18 page pdf of hymns recommended in the Divine Office (non-ICEL, 1974). 7 page pdf's sorted alphabetically and thematically also available. - Daily updated "Today and Tomorrow" guide to recommended hymns for the Divine Office (non-ICEL, 1974) , as well as resources and news for Deacons.

Maude's Tavern - Thematic index of hymn selections from the Divine Office (non-ICEL, 1974).


Divine Office - Daily Office. Available as podcast and as app for mobile devices.

eBreviary - Daily Office available as Adobe PDF format.

iBreviary - Daily Office and Daily Mass Readings. Available as an app for mobile devices. Also available on Breviary Hymns.

Daily Office of the Catholic Church (according to the Anglican Use) - Approved adaptation of the Book of Common Prayer for use by former Episcopalian/Anglican members and parishes that are now in communion with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Universalis - Daily Office and Daily Mass Readings. Available as an app for mobile devices. Also available on Breviary Hymns.

Penetentis - Monday thru Friday video presentation of Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours using narration, music, and photography.

Musical Breviary - Texts and prayers of the daily office MP3 recordings of selected chants.

Pray Station Portable - Daily Podcasts of the Evening and Morning Prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours.


Magnificat - Monthly subscription based periodical that includes the said Mass readings, Lives of the Saints, and selections from the Fathers of the Church. USA and UK versions. Children's version also available: Magnifikids!

Mundelein Psalter - First complete psalter of the approved English text of Divine Office pointed for singing and chant (mp3s). Produced by the Liturgical Institute of Mundelein Seminary.


Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux - The Benedictine Monks of the Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux, France stream their chanted Office daily (Latin). Prime, Sext, Vespers, and Compline. Text, podcast, and app also available.

Benedictine Hour - Weekly podcast with psalms, hymns, teachings, and prayer.

Confraternity of Penitents - Weekday Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. Video with narration by David Rollins. Music by the Benedictines of Mary, Matthew Curtis and composer Kevin Allen.

Divine Office- Daily Morning, Daytime, Evening, Night, Office of Readings. Available as podcast and as app for mobile devices.

Monks of Norcia - Benedictine Monastery of Benedetto, Italy. Streaming audio and podcast. (Latin) 

Musical Breviary - Combination of Catholic and Anglican texts and prayers for the month from the Divine Office and the Book of Common Prayer. Chanted and sung mp3 recordings.

Radio Maria US - Morning (6:30), Mid-Day (11:00), and Evening Prayer (5:30) on affiliate stations or streamed live online. Check schedule for changes. Often paired with other devotions (such as Angelus or Divine Mercy Chaplet) in time-slot.

Sisters of Perpetual Adoration - Benedictine Convents in United States. Daily Lauds and Vespers in English. Podcast.

St. Louis, King of France Catholic Church - Audio of Compline sung by the St. Louis Compline Choir. Located in Austin, Texas.

Westminster Abbey in Mission - Benedictine Monastery and Seminary in British Columbia, Canada offers pre-recorded Vespers in Ordinary Time for each day of the week chanted by the Seminarians.


Sent Forth By God's Blessing: Roman Catholic Hymn Text Writers After Vatican II - Written by Alan J. Hommerding. Published in 2002. 21 page pdf document.

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal (1922) - Overview of the English and Latin hymns and chant of the Roman Breviary and Missal by Rev. Matthew Britt, O.S.B. 404 pages available in different formats.

Lyra Catholica: Containing All the Hymns of the Roman Breviary and Missal (1851) - Collected and translated by the Fr. Edward Casall, friend and Oxford Movement associate of Blessed Cardinal John Newman. 576 pages available in different formats.

Ancient Hymns From the Roman Breviary (1871) - Translations by Anglican Minister, Richard Mant (1776-1848). It is one of the earliest collections of Latin hymns translated into English. 272 pages available in various formats.

Hymns of the Dominican Missal and Breviary (1943) - Edited by Aquinas  Byrnes O.P. (pdf) 


US Catholic Bishops - Daily Mass Readings

Liturgy Office of England and Wales - Daily Mass Readings

USCCB - Daily video Mass reflections.

Word on Fire - Weekly podcasts of Fr. Robert Barron's homily.

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology - Reflections on the Sunday Mass by Dr. Scott Hahn

St. Charles Borromeo Church - Bible studies based upon Sunday readings of the 3-year liturgical cycle.

Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert - Relationship between the Liturgy of the Hours and the Holy Eucharist.


CatholicTV - Daily
Christ the King Church - Daily (Latin)
Diocese of Hamilton - Daily
Diocese of Phoenix - Sundays
Diocese of St. Cloud - Sundays
Diocese of Toronto - Sundays
Heart of the Nation - Sundays
The Passionists - Sundays
University of Notre Dame - Sundays

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