March 16, 2014

How Great the Tale

Nave of Boyle Abbey, Co. Roscommon, Ireland - Courtesy of Wikipedia

How Great the Tale is a translation by the Gaelic scholar and writer, El­ea­nor H. Hull (1860-1935) of a poem by Donough O'Daly (d.1244). Also referred to as Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh, he came from a family of celebrated Irish poets, and is thought by some historians to have been the Abbot of Boyle Abbey, where he is believed to be buried. In the Divine Office (1974), How Great the Tale is one of the hymns selected for use with the Office of Readings. The recommended musical setting is the tune: Munster. An alternative tune that can also be used is the Old Hundredth, as featured in the following video.

Alternative Tune: Old 100th

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  1. Can anyone point me to music for the tune "Munster"? I'm familiar with Old Hundredth, but cannot seem to locate anything on Munster. Thanks!


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