January 11, 2014

Liturgical Guide: Evening Prayer (Vespers)

"And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone," - Matthew 14:23

The hymns selected for Evening Prayer (Vespers) in Divine Office reflect the principal theme of thanksgiving. Chapter 2:39 of the General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours says of this of Evening Prayer: "When evening approaches and the day is already far spent, evening prayer is celebrated in order that 'we may give thanks for what has been given us, or what we have done well, during the day.' We also recall the redemption through the prayer we send up 'like incense in the Lord's sight,' and in which 'the raising up of our hands' becomes 'an evening sacrifice.' "

32. Now We Thank We All Our God
33. O Christ, You Are the Light and Day
34. Lord Jesus Christ, Abide With Us
35. The Setting Sun
36. O Father, Whose Creating Hand
37. For the Fruits of His Creation
38. When in His Own Image
39. At the Name of Jesus
40. Love Divine All Loves Excelling
41. Now Fades All Earthly Splendor
42. Day is Done
43. O Worship the King
44. Romans VIII (For Those Who Love God)
45. Let All Things Now Living
46. Father, We Thank Thee
47. We Plough the Fields and Scatter


  1. What are the appropriate Vespers hymns for Lent? Thank you.

  2. My copy of Morning and Evening prayer lists these hymns for Lent:
    - God, of thy pity, unto us thy children (Herzliebster Jesu) -
    - O God, Creator of us all (Severn View) - LM
    - Lord Jesus, Think on Me (Southwell) - SM
    - Now Let us all with one accord (Rerum Deus Tenax Vigor) - LM

    For Lent, but more suitable for Morning Prayer:
    - Jesus, the sun of ransomed earth (O invendenda martyrum) LM


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