January 8, 2014

Liturgical Guide: Common of Doctors of the Church

The hymns selected for use in the Common of Doctors of the Church are sung on Feast Days that celebrate the holy men and women of the Church that have defended and explained in depth the truths of Catholic doctrine, and have lived lives that were a fitting witness to that faith. While their theological writings may be considered 'inspired' by the Holy Spirit and worthy of recommendation for teaching by the Church, they are not considered infallible. There are currently 35 declared Doctors of the Church.

Explanation of the Doctors of the Church by Jesuit Communications

31. Faith of Our Fathers
176. Rise Up, O Men of God
177. This is the Feast Day of the Lord's True Witness
178. Now, From the Heav'ns Descending
179. Now Let Us Praise

52. The Saints Who Toiled From Place to Place
53. Who Are These Like Stars Appearing?

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