July 6, 2013

The Saints Who Toiled from Place to Place

Spreading the Gospel of God's Grace

The Saints Who Toiled From Place to Place was written in 1932 by Bishop Walter Howard Frere (1863–1938). He was a co-founder of the Anglican religious order, the Community of the Resurrection and was a leading figure in the liturgical reforms and ecumenical efforts of his time. The Saints Who Toiled From Place to Place can be sung to the well known tune, the Old 100th (see following video). In the Divine Office it is used with the Commons of Apostles and Commons of Martyrs.

Tune: Old 100th

THE SAINTS WHO TOILED FROM PLACE TO PLACE by Walter Frere, 1932 (Public Domain) 

1. The saints who toiled from place to place,
Spreading the Gospel of God's grace,
Now in their heavenly homeland dwell
With Christ, whom here they served so well.

2. Alert at thy command to go,
And everywhere thy word to sow,
They went, O Master, far and wide,
Eager, but yet unsatisfied.

3. Thine was the task they took in hand,
Thine their good news for every land,
Thine was their power, and thine again
Their passion for the souls of men.

4. That task of thine, by them begun,
Must now by our weak hands be done:
Strengthen, O Lord, to work for thee
These hands, at home and over sea.

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