March 7, 2013

Now, From the Heav'ns Descending

All the Saints in Glory, From Every Time and Place  

Now, from the Heav'ns Descending was written by the Scottish theologian and hymnwriter, Fr. James Quinn S.J. (1919-2010). It was first published in 1969 as part of his collection,  New Hymns for All Seasons. He composed some 300 hymns. One of the last he wrote, Let Scotland's Hills was in honor of St. John Ogilvie, Martyr (1579-1615), Scotland's first Post-Reformation saint. Fr. Quinn was vice postulator for the cause of his canonization, which happened in 1976. Now From the Heav'ns Descending is sung to the tune Aurelia, written in 1864 by Samuel S. Wesley (1810-1876), grandson of Charles Wesley. In the Liturgy of the Hours it is used in the Common of Doctors of the Church.

Tune: Aurelia

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