January 21, 2014

Liturgical Guide: Common of Several Martyrs

The hymns selected for use in the Common of Several Martyrs in the Liturgy of the Hours speak of the lives and sacrifice of holy men and women of the Church who have born witness to the truth of faith, even unto death. "The martyr bears witness to Christ who died and rose, to whom he is united by charity. He bears witness to the truth of the faith and of Christian doctrine. He endures death through an act of fortitude." - #2473, Catechism of the Catholic Church.

170. Christ, in Whose Passion Once Was Sown
171. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
172. For All the Saints

Our Lord the Path of Suffering Trod
The Martyrs Living Now With Christ

Christo Profusum Sanguinem
Rex Gloriose Martyrum
Sanctorum Meritis Inclita Gaudia

Produced by Mysteries of the Church

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