February 27, 2013

Christ, in Whose Passion Once Was Sown

From Thee the Martyrs, We From Those

Christ, in Whose Passion Once Was Sown was written by Walter H. Shewring (1906–1990). A convert to the Catholic Faith, he was professor of classics at Ampleforth, a Benedictine College in the UK for nearly 60 years. He wrote or translated several hymns for the New Westminster Hymnal (1961), in which Christ, in Whose Passion Once was Sown was first published. It is sung to a setting of the Magnificat: Mein Seel, O Gott, Muss Loben Dich by the German Baroque composer and organist, Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) from his Lutheran choral work, Puericinium (1621). An alternative tune that can also be used is Winchester New, as featured in the following video. In the Liturgy of the Hours, Christ, in Whose Passion Once Was Sown is used in the Common of One Martyr, and the Common of Several Martyrs.

Alternative Tune: Winchester New


  1. http://www.liturgies.net/saints/laurence/morningprayer.htm

    Music/melody to Christ, In Whose Passion Once Was Sown

  2. Thank you Micah, I've linked that page to the hymn title in the post. - God Bless.


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