December 27, 2013

The Martyrs Living Now With Christ

Their Anguish Overcome by Love

The Martyrs Living Now With Christ is written by the Archbishop of Cardiff, Francis E. Mostyn (1860-1939). In the Divine Office it is sung on Feast Days of Martyrs. It is set to the tune: Horsley by the English organist and composer, William Horsley (1774-1858).

Tune: Horsley

THE MARTYRS LIVING NOW WITH CHRIST by Francis E. Mostyn (Public Domain)

1. The martyrs living now with Christ
In suffering were tried,
Their anguish overcome by love
When on his cross he died.

2. Across the centuries they come,
In constancy unmoved,
Their loving hearts make no complaint,
In silence they are proved.

3. No man has ever measured love,
Or weighed it in his hand,
But God who knows the inmost heart
Gives them the promised land.

4. Praise Father, Son and Spirit blest,
Who guides us through the night
In ways that reach beyond the stars
To everlasting light.

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