July 19, 2013

Index of Marian Hymns and Antiphons

Because the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) plays a central role in the story of Salvation History (see video commentary by Fr. Robert Barron below), she holds a prominent place in the Liturgy of the Hours. This honor is most clearly shown in the Common of the BVM which is used on Marian Feast Days. Extending from the Common is the Optional Memorial of the BVM prayed on Saturdays. As well, the Little Office of the BVM which, although separate from the Liturgy of the Hours, originated in the 8th century as a variation of the Common of the BVM. The one other place where Marian devotion plays a special role in the Liturgy of the Hours is at the conclusion of Night Prayer (Compline). After we have entrusted ourselves to God, the Father as his children ready for sleep, we ask Mary, Our Mother to pray for us. The following is the complete list of all Marian hymns and antiphons posted on this website. Related Post: Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A Noble Flower of Juda
A Solis Ortus Cardine
All Creation was Renewed
Alma Redemptoris Mater
Ave Maria
Ave Maris Stella (1)
Ave Maris Stella (2)
Ave Maris Stella (3)
Ave Regina Caelorum

Behold a Rose of Judah
Behold a Virgin Bearing Him

Caelestis Aulae Nuntius

Hail, Holy Queen
Hail, Our Queen and Mother Blest
Hail Queen of Heaven, Beyond Compare
Hail, Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star
Holy Light on Earth’s Horizon
Holy Mary, Now We Crown You 

Iam Morte, Victor, Obruta
In Monte Olivis Consito

Joy Fill Your Heart, O Queen Most High
Joy to You 

Maiden, Yet A Mother
Mary, Crowned with Living Light
Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning
Mary the Dawn
Mother of Christ, Hear Thou Thy People's Cry
Mother of Christ
Mother of Holy Hope

Now Hell is Vanquished

O Gloriosa Domina
O Gloriosa Virginum
O Mary, of All Women
O Most Holy One
O Santíssima
O Virgin Mother of Our God

Praise to Mary, Heaven's Gate

Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven, Rejoice
Quem Terra, Pontus, Aethera
Quem Terra, Pontus, Sidera

Regina Caeli

Salve Regina
Star of Sea and Ocean

Te Gestientem Gaudiis
Te Sicimus Praeconio
The Ark Which God Has Sanctified
The Gladness of Thy Motherhood
The Messenger from God's High Throne
The Mount of Olives Witnesseth

Virgin-Born, We Bow Before You

What Child is This
Who is She Ascends So High?

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