December 22, 2013

Holy Light on Earth’s Horizon

Mother of the World's Redeemer

Holy Light on Earth's Horizon is written by Fr. Edward Caswall (1814-1878). A convert to Catholicism from the Anglican Church, he is best known for his 1849 publication: Lyra Catholica, which contained hymn translations from the Roman Breviary and other Latin sources. In the Divine Office, Holy Light on Earth's Horizon is used for Feast Days of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is set to the 1905 tune: Blaenwern, by William Penfro Rowlands (1860-1937). The Welsh born Rowlands was a school teacher and choir conductor.

Tune: Blaenwern

HOLY LIGHT ON EARTH’S HORIZON by Edward Caswall (Public Domain)

1. Holy light on earth’s horizon,
star of hope to those who fall,
light amid a world of shadows,
dawn of God’s design for all,
chosen from eternal ages,
you alone of all our race,
by your Son’s atoning merits
were conceived in perfect grace.

2. Mother of the world’s Redeemer,
promised from the dawn of time:
how could one so highly favoured
share the guilt of Adam’s crime?
Sun and moon and stars adorn you,
sinless Eve, triumphant sign;
you it is who crushed the serpent,
Mary, pledge of life divine.

3. Earth below and highest heaven,
praise the splendour of your state,
you who now are crowned in glory
were conceived immaculate.
Hail, beloved of the Father,
Mother of his only Son,
mystic bride of Love eternal, hail,
O fair and spotless one!

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