October 26, 2013

O Most Holy One / O Sanctíssima

Ora, Ora Pro Nobis!

O Most Holy One is an anonymous translation of the traditional Latin hymn, O Sanctissima. First published in 1794, O Sanctissima is believed to have originated in Sicily. According to a story associated with the it, Sicilian seaman would close their day by singing in unison this hymn; hence, it is sometimes called the Sicilian Mariners Hymn or Mariners Hymn. The tune for O Sanctissima is also used for the popular German Christmas carol: O du Fröhliche.

Tune: O Sanctissima (Instrumental)

O MOST HOLY ONE - Anonymous translation by C.W.L. (Public Domain)

O most holy one,
O most lowly one,
Loving Virgin, Maria!
Mother, Maid of fairest love,
Lady, Queen of all above,
Ora, ora pro nobis!

Virgin ever fair,
Mother, hear our prayer,
Look upon us, Maria!
Bring to us your treasure,
Grace beyond all measure;
Ora, ora pro nobis!

Gregorian, Sung by the Cathedral Singers of Richard Proulx

O SANCTISSIMA - Anonymous (Public Domain)

O sanctíssima,O piíssima,
Dulcis Virgo María;
Mater amáta, intemeráta,
Ora, ora pro nobis.

Tota pulchra es, O María, et
 Mácula non est inte;
Mater amáta, intemeráta,
Ora, ora por nobis.

In miséria, in angústia,
Ora, Virgo, pro nobis;
Pro nobis ora, in mortis hora,
Ora, ora pro nobis.

Tu solátium et refúgium,
Virgo Mater María;
Quidquid optámus perte sperámus,
Ora, ora pro nobis.

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