December 22, 2013

Who is She Ascends So High?

Next the Heav'nly King

Who is She Ascends So High? is written by the English poet, Sir John Beaumont (1582-1628). In 1607, and again in 1625, both he and and his wife were charged and fined as Roman Catholic recusants for refusing to attend Anglican services. In 1626 he was created a baronet by King Charles I (1600-1649), who himself had married a Catholic and allowed her to practise her faith openly and freely. In the Divine Office, Who is She Ascends So High? is used on Feast Days of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The suggested musical setting in the Divine Office is the hymn tune: Assumpta Est. The tune used in the following video is unknown.

WHO IS SHE ASCENDS SO HIGH by John Beaumont (Public Domain)

1. Who is she ascends so high,
Next the heav'nly King,
Round about whom angels fly,
And her praises sing?

2. Who is she adorned with light;
Makes the sun her robe?
At whose feet the queen of night
Lays her changing globe?

3. This is she in whose pure womb
Heaven's Prince remained;
Wherefore in no earthly tomb
Could she be contained.

4. Heav'n she was, which held that fire,
Whence the world took light,
And to heav'n doth now as pire:
Flames with flames unite.

5. She that did so clearly shine,
Our Day once begun,
See how bright her beams decline,
Sitting with the Sun.

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  1. Hello! I wrote a melody on the piano some years ago to accompany this hymn, and I've been thinking of sharing it with some choir groups. Whom should I ask for copyright permission to use this hymn? Or even other hymns from the Divine Office?


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