October 20, 2012

O Christ, You Are the Light and Day / Christe Qui Lux Es Et Dies

A Quiet Night to Rest in You.

O Christ, You Are the Light and Day is a 1965 translation by the Reverend Michael M. Quinn, O.P. of Christe qui Lux es et Dies (see 2nd video), an ancient latin hymn used for Compline during Lent. It is set to the tune, Saint Anne written in 1708 by William Croft (1678-1727). Both JS Bach and GF Handel used it in their compositions. The melody is best known as the setting the Isaac Watts hymn: Our God, Our Help in Ages Past. In the Liturgy of the Hours, O Christ, You Are the Light and Day is used during Ordinary Time for Evening Prayer.

Tune: St. Anne


1. Christe qui lux es et dies,
Noctis tenebras detegis,
Lucisque lumen crederis,
Lumen beatum praedicans.

2. Precamur Sancte Domine,
Defende nos in hac nocte,
Sit nobis in te requies,
Quietam noctem tribue.

3. Ne gravis somnus irruat,
Nec hostis nos surripiat,
Nec caro illi consentiens,
Nos tibi reos statuat.

4. Oculi somnum capiant,
Cor ad te semper vigilet,
Dextera tua protegat
Famulos qui te diligunt.

5. Defensor noster aspice,
Insidiantes reprime,
Guberna tuos famulos,
Quos sanguine mercatus es.

6. Memento nostri Domine
In gravi isto corpore,
Qui es defensor animae,
Adesto nobis Domine.

 7. Deo Patri sit gloria,
Eiusque soli Filio,
Cum Spiritu Paraclito,
Et nunc et in perpetuum. Amen.

Traditional Chant

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  1. The traditional chant, "Christe Qui Lux es et Dies" is so beautiful! I don't remember hearing it before tonight and I am glad I found it here. Thank you for posting such beautiful pieces. God bless. +


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