November 15, 2012

A Child is Born

Unto Us a Son is Given

A Child is Born was first published in 1965 as part of Biblical Hmns and Psalms (Volume 1) by Lucien Deiss C.S.Sp. (1921-2007). Born and educated in France, Fr. Deiss, was commissioned by Pope Paul VI to coordinate the Psalter of the Lectionary as part of the reforms of Vatican II. Throughout his life he composed new works for the liturgy. They continue to be sung around the world and have been translated into many languages. In the Liturgy of the Hours, A Child is Born is used during Christmas.


  1. Hello! Are there still copies of the book with the complete notation of the Hymns from the Liturgy of the Hours (ICEL-1975)? Hymn number 1 is "On this day, the first of days" the next one is Brightness of The Father's Glory.... I already used the book before in the seminary but I have no idea where the book is right now. Can you help me find one for my theological and philosophical studies? I still have with me The Christian Prayer but I have only the texts of these songs. Could you tell me the correct title of the hymnal I am talking about? I think, the last song of the hymnal is "Lord Jesus, once You spoke to men." I hope for your reply. Thank you!

  2. there are xerox copies in the Philippines which has been passed down from long time ago.


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