December 1, 2012

When Jesus Comes to Be Baptized

The Spirit of the Lord Comes Down

When Jesus Comes to Be Baptized, first published in 1971, it was written by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey, England. The convent is supported spiritually in prayer by some 100 Oblates and over 800 Friends. Oblates (25,000 world-wide) are similar to Third-Order Franciscans or Dominicans. Friends of UK Benedictine Orders have included such luminaries as Dame Laurentia McLachlan, George Bernard Shaw and Sydney Cockerell. When Jesus Came to Be Baptized is sung to the tune, St. Venantius from the Clausener Gesangbuch (1653). The following video features an unknown alternative melody. In the Liturgy of the Hours it is used on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.


  1. Here's a modern version of this hymn -- the words are the same, but the melody is different. It's very nice! :)

  2. Thanks Gail for suggesting that. I have added the video to the post.

  3. Here's the traditional melody:


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