March 9, 2013

Blest Are the Pure in Heart

Their Soul is Christ's Abode

Blest Are the Pure in Heart was written by the Rev. John Keble (1792-1866). It was initially published in 1819 as a poem (subtitled 'Purification'), with later revisions by various hymnal editors. Keble was an Ordained Priest in the Church of England. Though the parishes he served were humble in size and state, his many published poems on subjects of religious nature were well known. Blest Are the Pure in Heart is set to the tune Franconia, an adaption by the Anglican Minister, William Henry Havergal (1793-1870) of an earlier melody published by Johann Balthasar Konig (1691-1758) in the Harmonischer Lieder-Schatz of 1738. In the Liturgy of the Hours it is used in the Common of Holy Men.

BLEST ARE THE PURE IN HEART by John Keble, 1819 (Public Domain)

1. Blest are the pure in heart,
For they shall see our God;
The secret of the Lord is theirs,
Their soul is Christ's abode.

2. The Lord, who left the heavens
Our life and peace to bring,
To dwell in lowliness with men,
Their Pattern and their King;

3. Still to the lowly soul
He doth himself impart
And for his dwelling and his throne
Chooseth the pure in heart.

4. Lord, we thy presence seek;
May ours this blessing be;
Give us a pure and lowly heart,
A temple meet for thee.

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