March 11, 2013

O Radiant Light, O Sun Divine / Phôs Hilaròn

That Fills the Heavenly Dwelling Place

O Radiant Light, O Sun Divine was written in 1973 by author William G. Storey, Professor Emeritus of Liturgy and Church History at the University of Notre Dame. It is a translation of Phos Hilaron, a 3rd century Greek hymn which is one of the oldest songs of the early Church still in use today (see 2nd video). In the Eastern Orthodox Church the ancient text along with original melody is sung at Vespers and is associated with the lighting of the lamps or candles, which symbolize the light of Christ. O Radiant Light, O Sun Divine is set to the Gregorian plainsong, Jesu, Dulcis Memoria. In the Liturgy of the Hours it is used in the Office for the Dead.

Tune: Jesu, Dulcis Memoria


Phôs hilaròn haghías dóxēs, athanátou Patrós,
ouraníou, haghíou, mákaros, Iēsoû Christé,

elthóntes epì tḕn hēlíou dýsin, idóntes phôs hesperinón,
hymnoûmen Patéra, Hyión, kaì Hághion Pneûma, Theón.

Áxión se en pâsi kairoîs hymneîsthai phōnaîs aisíais,
Hyiè Theoû, zoḕn ho didoús, diò ho kósmos sè doxázei.

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