April 12, 2013

My Song is Love Unknown

My Song is Love Unknown was written by Anglican Priest and Dean of Bristol Cathedral, Samuel Crossman (c.1624-1698). It was first published in 1664 as part of his only collection of hymns: The Young Man's Meditation, a modest pamphlet containing 9 poems. The tune, Love Unknown is by the English composer John Ireland (1879-1962). It was composed one day in 1918 over lunch with his friend Geoffrey Shaw (1879-1943). Shaw suggested he compose a new setting for My Song is Love Unknown. On a scrap of paper, Ireland proceeded to write out the melody in less than 15 minuets. The next year it was published in the Public School Hymnal which Shaw was editor. In the Divine Office (1974) it is used during Lent and Holy Week.

Sung by St. Martin's Church Choir

Tune: Love Unknown

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