February 18, 2014

O Fair is Our Lord's Own City

Sts. Patrick and Germanus - Courtesy of Wikipedia

O Fair is Our Lord's Own City is a translation of a poem by Donough O'Daly (d.1244). Also referred to as Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh, he came from a family of celebrated Irish poets, and is thought by some historians to have been the Abbot of Boyle Abbey, where he is believed to be buried. He wrote as many as 30 lengthy poems, mostly of religious nature. O Fair is Our Lord's Own City was translated from the original Gaelic by the Rev. Canon Coslett Quin (1907-1995), a priest in the Church of Ireland. In the Divine Office (1974), it is sung at Evening Prayer I on the Solemnity of All Saints. The recommended tune in the Divine Office is Attracta. An alternative tune that can also be used is Christus Der Ist Mein Leben, as featured in the following video.

Alternative Tune: Christus Der Ist Mein Leben (with introduction)

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