September 27, 2015

Christ, of the Angels' Praise and Adoration / Christe, Sanctorum

Painting by Guido Reni, 1636 - Wikipedia

PROPER OF SAINTS - Christ, of the Angels' Praise and Adoration is a translation by the Anglican priest, Fr. Thomas Isaac Ball (1838-1916) of Christe, Sanctorum usually ascribed to Rabanus Maurus (c.776-856). Educated under the Carolingian scholar, theologian, and poet Alcuin of YorkRabanus Maurus was ordained a priest in 814, then made the Abbot of the Benedictine Abbey at Fulda in 822,  and after retiring was appointed Archbishop of Mainz in 847. In the Roman Breviary Christe, Sanctorum is traditionally sung at Lauds on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel (Sept. 29). Both Christe, Sanctorum and Christ, of the Angels' Praise and Adoration can be sung to the tune: Christe Sanctorum, an old French church melody first published in the Paris Antiphoner (1681).


1. Christ, of the Angels praise and adoration,
Father and Saviour Thou, of every nation,
Graciously grant us all to gain a station,
Where Thou art reigning.

2. Angel all peaceful, to our dwellings send us,
Michael, from heaven coming to befriend us,
Breathing serenest peace may he attend us,
Grim war dispelling.

3. Angel of strength, who triumphed, tumults quelling,
Gabriel send us, ancient foes expelling,
Oft in these temples may he make his dwelling,
Dear unto heaven.

4. Angel Physician, health on man bestowing,
Raphael send us from the skies all glowing,
All sickness curing, wisest counsel showing
In doubt and danger.

5. May the fair Mother of the Light be o'er us,
Virgin of peace, with all the Angel chorus,
And may the heavenly army go before us,
Guiding and guarding.

6. 0 May the Godhead, endless bliss possessing,
Father, Son, Spirit, grant to us this blessing;
All His creation joins His praise confessing,
Now and forever.

Tune: Christe Sanctorum

CHRISTE, SANCTORUM attributed to Rabanus Maurus

1. Christe, sanctorum decus Angelorum,
Gentis humanae sator et redemptor,
Caelitum nobis tribuas beatas
Scandere sedes.

 2. Angelus pacis Michael in aedes
Coelitus nostras veniat, serenae
Auctor ut pacis lacrimosa in orcum
Bella releget.

 3. Angelus fortis Gabriel, ut hostes
Pellat antiquos, et arnica ccelo,
Quse triumphator statuit per orbem,
Temp la revisat.

4. Angelus nostrae medicus salutis,
Adsit e coelo Raphael, ut omnes
Sanet aegrotos, dubiosque vitae
Dirigat actus.

5. Virgo dux pacis, Genitrixque lucis,
Et sacer nobis chorus Angelorum
Semper assistat, simul et micantis
Regia coeli.

6. Praestet hoc nobis Deitas beata
Patris, ac Nati, pariterque sancti
Spiritus, cujus resonat per omnem
Gloria mundum.

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