October 7, 2012

Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven

Dwell within us, make us one.

Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven, with words by Fr. James Quinn, S.J. (1919-2010) is set to the tune Drakes Broughton by British composer, Edward Elgar (1857-1934). Written in 1878 when Elgar was just 21 years of age. The title refers to a wooded lane leading to Drake’s Broughton that the composer had a fondness for. In the Liturgy of Hours, Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven is used during Ordinary Time for Daytime Midmorning Prayer.


  1. Looks like this is really the music for No. 22, Holy Spirit, Come Confirm Us. They are so close!

  2. Thanks for noticing that. I have revised the posting for Holy Spirit, Come Confirm Us and added a better video.


  3. Love learning how to properly sing the hymns in my Breviary. THANK YOU!


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