September 29, 2012

God Father, Praise and Glory

O Most Holy Trinity, Undivided Unity

God Father, Praise and Glory is a 1936 translation by Fr. John Rothensteiner (1860-1936) of the German hymn: Gott Vater! Sei Gepriesen. It is sometimes referred to as O Most Holy Trinity. The original author is unknown. The tune is from the German hymnal, Mainz Gesangbuch (1833). In the Liturgy of the Hours, God Father, Praise and Glory is used during Ordinary Time for Morning and Mid-Afternoon Prayer.

GOD FATHER, PRAISE AND GLORY translated by John Rothensteiner, 1936 (Public Domain) 

1. God Father, praise and glory
Your children come to sing.
Goodwill and peace to mankind.
The gifts your kingdom brings.

O most Holy Trinity.
Undivided Unity;
Holy God, Mighty God.
God Immortal, be adored.

2. And you, Lord Coeternal,
God's sole begotten Son;
O Jesus. King anointed.
You have redemption won.

3. O Holy Ghost, Creator
The Gift of God most high;
Life, love and holy wisdom,
Our weakness now supply.


  1. When is it appropriate to use this hymn during a Mass in Ordinary time? The opening? Communion?

  2. Good question. I'm sure there are differing opinions out there, but I think this would be very fitting for the entrance hymn during ordinary time. Since the lyrics are structured as a (3 verse) doxology, I think it would also work well for the final hymn as well, - if it wasn't for the fact (these days) that so many people leave Mass early before the closing hymn has hardly begun. Trinity Sunday is a given, for sure. This hymn is a favourite of my mom's, and she would often use it for the opening when she was a church organist.

  3. Can I have notes of tenor for God Father praise and glory


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