December 14, 2012

Draw Near, O Lord / Attende Domine

Our Grieving Lifts Our Eyes to Heaven

Draw Near, O Lord is a 1961 translation by Fr. Melvin Farrell, S.S. of Attende Domine, a 10th century Mozarabic penitential hymn of supplication traditionally sung during Lent. The Mozarabic Rite is an ancient rite of the Church that was used throughout much of the Iberian Peninsula up until the 11th century and continues to be used in the Capilla Muzárabe in the Toledo Cathedral, the Chapel of San Salvador at Talavera, and the Old Cathedral of Salamanca. Draw Near, O Lord is set to the traditional melody of Attende Domine, as first published in the Paris Processional of 1824. In the Liturgy of the Hours it is used during Lent.

Tune: Attende Domine with Refrain (English)


Refrain: Attende Domine, et miserere, Quia peccavimus tibi.
(Hear us, O Lord, and have mercy, because we have sinned against Thee.)

1. Ad te Rex summe, Omnium Redemptor, Oculos nostros Sublevamus flentes: Exaudi, Christe, Supplicantum preces.

 2. Dextera Patris, Lapis angularis, Via salutis, Janua caelestis, Ablue nostri Maculas delicti.

 3. Rogamus, Deus, Tuam majestatem: Auribus sacris Gemitus exaudi: Crimina nostra Placidus indulge.

 4. Tibi fatemur Crimina admissa: Contrito corde Pandimus occulta: Tua, Redemptor, Pietas ignoscat.

 5. Innocens captus, Nec repugnans ductus; Testibus falsis Pro impiis damnatus: Quos redemisti, Tu conserva, Christe.

Tune: Attende Domine with Refrain (Latin)


  1. Here's a version of this hymn in English: Looks like it was added Mar. 22, 2013. :)

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