December 23, 2012

John 15 (This I Ask)

Love Each Other as I Have Loved You

John 15 (This I Ask) was written by Enrico Garzilli. It was first published in 1970 as part of the collection, For Those Who Love God. He is a Roman Catholic Priest, but rather than taking on pastoral work, his vocation within the Church has been as a composer, writer, and performer. As a young seminarian, he was assistant to cathedral organist and liturgical composer, Alexander Peloquin (1919 - 1997), who is noted for having composed the first Roman Catholic Mass sung in English. In the Liturgy of the Hours, This I Ask (John 15) is used with the Office of the Dead and during Holy Week.


  1. Is the music not available for Hymn 106?

    1. I was not been able to locate any video for this hymn or any of the other 2 Enrico Garzilli contributions to the Office. He writes beautiful music. In my final post for him, I added a setting of the Miserere he composed, just to give a sample:


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