January 27, 2013

When Mary Brought Her Treasure

The Joy Upon Her Face

When Mary Brought Her Treasure, was first published in 1931 under the name: Jan Struther, a pen name of Joyce Maxtone Graham (1901-1953). She is best known as the author of Mrs Miniver. Born and raised in the UK, she attended a private school in London where she was a classmate of Eliz­a­beth Bowes-Ly­on (the fu­ture Queen Eliz­a­beth, the Queen Mo­ther). Also known as Joyce Torrens, she wrote a number hymns intended for children including Lord of All Hopefulness. When Mary Brought Her Treasure is sung to the traditional French carol: Allons, Suivons Les Magese. An alternative tune that can be used is Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen, as featured in the following video. In the Liturgy of the Hours, When Mary Brought Her Treasure is used on February 2, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

Tune: Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen

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