April 1, 2014

Christ Died But Soon Revived Again

Painting by Paolo Veronese (1528-1588) - Courtesy of Wikipedia

In the Divine Office (1974), Christ Died But Soon Revived Again is sung on the Memorial of Saint Mary Magdalen (July 22). It is an adaptation of Bring All Ye Dear Bought Nations, Bring by Sir Walter Kirkham Blount (d.1717). It is set to the tune: Lasst Uns Er­freu­en, first published in the Jesuit hymnal: Ausserlesene Catlwlische Geistliche Kirchengesänge, and later adapted by Pe­ter von Brach­el, Cologne, 1623.

Tune: Lasst uns Erfreuen (Begins @ 1:00 min.)


  1. Just trivia, but these are verses 3 to 5 of "Bring, All Ye Dear-Bought Nations, Bring", with verses 1, 2 and 6 under that title for Easter Sunday. I believe this hymn may be for St Mary Magdalen rather than Saints in general. This is a wonderful site for someone like myself just getting into Morning/Evening prayer and trying to dig up the music - thanks for the effort. I wish the "Morning and Evening Prayer" book was as easy to use as this site!

  2. Very observant, you are absolutely right. I've updated the post to reflect those changes. About the hymn, I cannot find any authorship, so I suspect the adaptation/translation may be the anonymous work of a hymnal editor. - Thanks Chris


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