February 6, 2013

Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him

Heaven and Earth and All Creation

Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him first appeared in 1796 edition of Psalms, Hymns, and An­thems of the Found­ling Hos­pi­tal, included as part of a leaflet inserted into the end of some copies. The original two stanza hymn was an anonymous paraphrase of Psalm 148. The 3rd stanza was added in 1836 by phy­si­cian and author Edward Osler (1798-1863). It is set to the 1797 tune Austria, written by composer, Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) as the melody for Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser, anthem to Francis II, the last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In the Liturgy of the Hours, Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him is used on September 29th, the Feast of Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael; Archangels.

PRAISE THE LORD, YE HEAVENS, ADORE HIM by Foundling Hospital (1796) / Edward Osler (1836), Public Domain

1. Praise the Lord: ye heavens, adore Him;
Praise Him, angels in the height.
Sun and moon, rejoice before Him;
Praise Him, all ye stars of light.
Praise the Lord, for He hath spoken;
Worlds His mighty voice obeyed.
Laws which never shall be broken
For their guidance He hath made.

2. Praise the Lord, for He is glorious;
Never shall His promise fail.
God hath made His saints victorious;
Sin and death shall not prevail.
Praise the God of our salvation;
Hosts on high, His power proclaim.
Heaven and earth and all creation,
Laud and magnify His name.

3. Worship, honor, glory, blessing,
Lord, we offer unto Thee.
Young and old, Thy praise expressing,
In glad homage bend the knee.
All the saints in Heaven adore Thee;
We would bow before Thy throne.
As Thine angels serve before Thee,
So on earth Thy will be done.

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