April 2, 2013

Let Us Worship The Lord of Creation

Come, Let Us Worship

NEW MUSIC - Let Us Worship The Lord of Creation is a contemporary chant setting of Psalm 95 with antiphon for the morning Invitatory of the Office. It is sung by the Benedictine Monks of the Mount Angel Abbey, St. Benedict, Oregon. The setting of the antiphon used: "Come let us worship Christ the Lord, we have left all things to follow him", could be adapted to fit most of the seasonal antiphons provided in the Liturgy of the Hours. The following video, produced by the Abbey gives us a meditative glimpse into the life of the monastic community as it answers the call to worship at the beginning of the day. Visitors and those on Retreat are welcome to join the monks of Mount Angel Abbey in the praying the Office or at Mass.

Hymns featured in the "New Music" series of posts are the Webmaster's personal recommendations, and are not necessarily part of any approved editions (past or present) of the Divine Office.

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