July 9, 2013

O God of Truth Prepare Our Minds

To Hear and Heed Your Holy Word

O God of Truth Prepare Our Minds is written by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey. It is fitting that the Sisters should compose a hymn that prepares us for the reading of Sacred Scripture. The Order has a long tradition of study and reverence of the Word of God that they continue sharing with others up to the present day through their retreats and publications. The suggested tune for O God of Truth Prepare Our Minds is Erfurt, but it may also be sung to Warrington (as shown in the following video). In the Divine Office is is used with the Office of Readings.

Tune: Warrington

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  1. I found a YouTube video of a music set to the tune of Warrington:https://youtu.be/xkvmZIP17hk


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