August 16, 2013

In Ancient Times God Spoke to Man

Now He Speaks Though His Son

In Ancient Times God Spoke to Man was written by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey. It is sung to the tune, Herr Jesu Christ Meins first published in the As Hymnodus Sacer of 1625. An alternative tune that can be used is Duke Street, as featured in the video below. Later revised with inclusive language as: In Ancient Times God Spoke to Us, it is just one of a number of hymns contributed to the Divine Office by Stanbrook Abbey. Throughout the past century the Benedictine Nuns have been actively involved as translators, editors, and printers of many of the revisions to the Office. As far back as 1915, according to the reforms of St. Pius X, they translated a parallel English text to go alongside the Latin in the Roman Breviary. An account of their various (and often anonymous) contributions can be found here. In the Liturgy of the Hours, In Ancient Times God Spoke to Man is used in the Office of Readings.

Tune: Duke Street

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