September 26, 2013

Praise We the Woman

Strong in Faith and Patience

Praise We the Woman is sung in the Common of Women Saints in the Divine Office. An example of it's use, along with full lyrics to the hymn can be found in the Optional Memorial of Blessed Josepha Hendrina Stenmanns. It is set to the tune, Morning Hymn by composer, Fran­çois H. Bar­thé­lé­mon (1741-1808). It was written in 1785, at the request of an orphanage chaplain in London and was published in Hymns and Psalms used at the Asy­lum House of Ref­uge for Fe­male Or­phans. The French born Bar­thé­lé­mon spent most of his working life in England where he enjoyed a much celebrated career.

Tune: Morning Hymn


  1. - Good to hear from you Michael. I re-did the YouTube 'embed' code over again. It seems to be working.
    - I use a lot of videos by this organist. You can easily follow his melody line and timing is always consistent.


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