December 7, 2013

Alone With None But Thee, O God (King of Kings)

Inside the Cloister of Iona Abbey

Alone with None but Thee, My God is an anonymous translation from the The Hymnbook (1971) of St. Columba's Affirmation, attributed to St. Columba (521-597). The Irish born Columba, (also known as Columcille, Colum, Columbus, Combs, and Columkill) founded no less than 27 monasteries in Ireland by the time he was 25 years of age. In 563, he along with 12 companions crossed the Irish Sea to establish the Iona Abbey. Columba would eventually venture further into Scotland and even the Outer Hebrides in his efforts to spread the Gospel. Sung at Morning Prayer in the Divine Office, Alone with None but Thee, My God is set to the tune: Auch Jetzt Macht, first published in the Choralbuch of 1816. The following video features a popular version (set to a different tune), re-titled: "King of Kings", as performed by The Priests.


  1. Well now I must thank God for twitter and social media. "The Priests" are a twofold gift to us. Your Vocation to the Priesthood and your Voices. Oh that I would have access to such Breviary Hymns and Prayers. December 8, is the 19th Anniversary of my Vows.
    Thank you for such a Glorious Gift.
    Your "King of Kings". Amen

  2. There are other YouTube videos which feature their studio recording of "King of Kings", but this live version sounds every bit as good to me. - Congratulations on the anniversary of your vows Sister.

  3. Please, Please, Please does anyone know how I can get sheet music for this hymn? Every time it comes around in Divine Office, I am reminded that I have to try. Surely it is available somewhere?

  4. It's a bit late, but since this hymn has come up again today in the Divine Office (at least according to Universalis), maybe Anonymous will come looking again. has a pdf of Auch Jetzt Macht Gott at


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