January 17, 2014

Poem: The Call (Come, My Way)

The Call (Come, My Way) is a poem by George Herbert (1593–1633). It was published posthumously in 1633 as part of the collection, The Temple. In 1911, the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) published Five Mystical Songs, a setting of five of Herbert's poems from The TempleThe Call (Come, My Way), along with two other of Herbert's poems from Five Mystical Songs: Easter, and Love are included in the Hymns and Religious Poems (Eastertide) Appendix of the Divine Office (1974).

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THE CALL by George Herbert, 1633 (Public Domain)

Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life:
Such a Way, as gives us breath:
Such a Truth, as ends all strife:
Such a Life, as killeth death.

Come, my Light, my Feast, my Strength:
Such a Light, as shows a feast:
Such a Feast, as mends in length:
Such a Strength, as makes his guest.

Come, my Joy, my Love, my Heart:
Such a Joy, as none can move:
Such a Love, as none can part:
Such a Heart, as joyes in love.

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