January 4, 2014

Jesus Refulsit Omnium (Iesu Refulsit Omnium)

Pius Redemptor Gentium

Jesus Refulsit Omnium, also known as Iesu Refulsit Omnium, is sung at Lauds on Epiphany in the Roman Breviary. It is one of the earliest hymns of the Western Church. It was composed by one of the great refuters of Arianism: St. Hilary (c.300-c.367), Bishop of Poitiers. He is a Doctor of the Church and is regarded as the earliest writer of Latin hymns. Inspired by St. Hilary, St. Ambrose of Milan (c.340-397) composed several hymns in his own efforts to counter the heresy.


1. Jesus refulsit omnium
Pius redemptor gentium
Totum genus fidelium
Laudes celebret dramatum

2. Quem stella natum fulgida
Monstrat micans per author
Magosque duxit praevia
Ipsius ad cunabula

3. Illi cadentes parvulum
Pannis adorant obsitum
Verum fatentur ut Deum
Munus ferendo mysticum.

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