August 24, 2014

Huius Oratu Deus Alme Nobis

15th c. Fresco of St. Monica - Wikipedia

Huius Oratu Deus Alme Nobis is an abridgement of the anonymous hymn Virginis Proles, Opifexque Matris, which may date back as far as the 8th century. In the Roman Breviary it is sung in the Common of Holy Women.


1. Huius oratu, Deus alme nobis
Debitas poenas scelerum remitte;
Ut tibi puro resonemus almum
Pectore carmen.

2. Sit decus Patri, genitaeque Proli,
Et tibi compar utriusque virtus
Spiritus semper, Deus unus omni
Temporis aevo. Amen.

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