February 22, 2014

O Light Serene of God the Father's Glory

Evening Star, at Hour of Sunset

O Light Serene of God the Father's Glory is written by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey. In the Divine Office (1974) it is used for Sunday Evening Prayer I (Week 1) and for Sunday Evening Prayer I (Week 3). The Divine Office does not recommend any tune for this hymn, which is written in the rarely used meter of Likewise, I too have not been unable to locate any tune that I could suggest as an alternative.


  1. There is a hymn tune "O Light Serene" published in the Catholic Worship Book (1985) hymn no. 771. I've never heard it sung or played despite growing up with this hymnal and still constantly using it.

    1. Just in case anybody's interested I was facing this problem and decide.d to write a tune for our Evening Prayer in a couple of weeks' time. It's no masterpiece but it works okay. Get me through Facebook if you want a copy.


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