October 27, 2012

For the Fruits of His Creation

Thanks Be To God.

For the Fruits of His Creation was written in 1970 by English Methodist minister and hymn writer, Fred Pratt Green. Over the years it has become a popular song during times of harvest or Thanksgiving. Green wrote the text specifically for the tune of East Acklam, and in particular for the final short phrase at the end of each stanza to be reinforced by the distinct melody of this beautiful hymn, written in 1957 by British composer and organist Francis Jackson. In the Liturgy of the Hours For the Fruits of His Creation is used during Ordinary Time for Evening Prayer.


  1. Looks like there was a problem with the old youtube video. Here's another version of it. Hopefully this one is alright!


  2. Thanks Gail for spotting this. It appears both this video and the one for "We Plough The Fields And Scatter" had some kind of "copyright infringement" and YouTube is no longer anyone to embed the video on another website.

  3. Oh, too bad. I wondered if you would be able to use it. At least individuals can still see it for now.

  4. Unfortunately, I've found some other videos with the same problem, so I will have to check more posts when I have some extra time. - Thank you for your help Gail.


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