June 15, 2013

Love of the Father, Love of the Son

In Whom Was All Begun

Love of the Father, Love of God the Son is a translation of an anonymous 12th century Latin poem, Amor, Patris et Filii, Veri Splendor. Manuscripts of the poem have been uncovered in a various locations including one originating from Thame Ab­bey, a Cistercian abbey in Oxfordshire, UK that was dissolved in 1539. In 1899 it was translated into English by poet and playwright, Ro­bert S. Bridg­es (1844-1930). His words are set to the tune: Song 22, composed in 1623 by the English composer Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625). An example of the melody can be heard in the following video at the 3:35 min mark. In the Divine Office, Love of the Father, Love of the Son is used with Morning and Evening Prayer.

Tune: Song 22 (starts at the 3:35 min mark)

LOVE OF THE FATHER, LOVE OF THE SON by Ro­bert Bridg­es, 1899 (Public Domain)

1. Love of the Father, Love of God the Son,
from whom all came, in whom was all begun;
who formest heavenly beauty out of strife,
creation's whole desire and breath of life:

2. Thou the All-holy, thou supreme in might,
thou dost give peace, thy presence maketh right;
thou with thy favor all things dost enfold,
with thine all-kindness free from harm wilt hold.

3. Hope of all comfort, splendor of all aid,
that dost not fail nor leave the heart afraid:
to all that cry thou dost all help accord,
the angels' armor and the saints' reward.

4. Purest and highest, wisest and most just,
there is no truth save only in thy trust;
thou dost the mind from earthly dreams recall,
and bring, through Christ, to him for whom are all.

5. Eternal Glory, all men thee adore,
who art and shalt be worshiped evermore:
us whom thou madest, comfort with thy might,
and lead us to enjoy thy heavenly light.

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