June 17, 2013

O Sacred Heart

Our Trust Is All In Thee
O Sacred Heart was written Fr. Francis Stanfield (1835-1914). He is also the author of Sweet Sacrament Divine. During the 1880's Fr. Stanfield was Parish Priest at the 'Actor's Church', Corpus Christi in London's West End. It was the first Catholic Church dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament after the Reformation and had only recently opened a sanctuary dedicated to it's Adoration before Fr. Stanfield had been posted there. It is in this same time period that O Sacred Heart first appeared in hymnals. In the following video is set to a tune composed by Sir Richard R. Terry (1865-1938). In the Divine Office it is used on the Feast of the Sacred Heart and with Morning and Evening Prayer.

O SACRED HEART by Francis Stanfield (Public Domain)

1. O Sacred Heart, our home lies deep in thee;
on earth thou art an exile’s rest,
in heav’n the glory of the blest,
O Sacred Heart.

2. O Sacred Heart, thou fount of contrite tears;
where’er those living waters flow,
new life to sinners they bestow,
O Sacred Heart.

3. O Sacred Heart, our trust is all in thee,
For though earth’s night be dark and drear,
thou breathest rest where thou art near,
O Sacred Heart.

4. O Sacred Heart, when shades of death shall fall,
receive us ‘neath thy gentle care,
and save us from the tempter’s snare,
O Sacred Heart.

5. O Sacred Heart, lead exiled children home,
where we may ever rest near thee,
in peace and joy eternally,
O Sacred Heart.

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  1. Used to sing this many years ago at my Jesuit prep school and the words remain with me still especially as one of "England's sons" very much aware of the faith that has been handed on to me.


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