June 22, 2013

Maiden, Yet A Mother

Hope, It's Living Fountain

Maiden, Yet A Mother is a translation of a poem by Durante (Dante) degli Alighieri (c.1265–1321). It is based upon the opening verses of Canto 33 of the Paradiso from his Divine Comedy in which St. Bernard of Clairvaux, (1090–1153) praises and prays to the Virgin Mother on behalf of Dante. It was translated from the original Italian into English by the Catholic convert, Monseigneur Ronald A. Knox (1888-1957). Common settings of his text are to the tunes: Grace Soit Rendue and Une Vaine Crainte. A MP3 sample of Une Vaine Crainte can be found in the Adoremus Hymnal (#540). In the Divine Office, Maiden, Yet A Mother is used with Morning and Evening Prayer.

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