June 27, 2013

God, Who Made the Earth

Who If I Lean On Him, Will Care For Me

God, Who Made the Earth was written by Sarah Betts Rhodes (1829-1904). The wife of a Sheffield merchant, she was a sculptor and head of a school for girls. She composed both the lyrics and the original melody of God, Who Made the Earth for the local Sheffield School Union Whitsuntide Festival of 1870. Today it is sung to a variety of tunes including: Sommerlied, Cura Dei, Beechwood, or Caldwell Church. It is a popular choice for children's hymnals. In the Divine Office it is used in Morning and Evening Prayer.

GOD, WHO MADE THE EARTH by Sarah Betts Rhodes (Public Domain)

1. God, Who made the earth,
The air, the sky, the sea,
Who gave the light its birth,
He cares for me.

2. God, Who made the grass,
The flow’r, the fruit, the tree,
The day and night to pass,
He cares for me. God,

3. Who made the sun,
The moon, the stars, is He
Who, when life’s clouds come on,
He cares for me.

4. God, Who made all things,
On earth, in air, in sea,
Who if I lean on Him,
Will care for me.

5. When in Heav’n’s bright land
I all His loved ones see,
I’ll sing with that blest band,
“God cared for me.”

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