September 10, 2013

For All Thy Saints, O Lord

Who Followed Thee, Obeyed, Adored

For All Thy Saints, O Lord was written by the Anglican Bishop and author, Richard Mant (1776 – 1848). It was one of a small group of original hymns which he included in his Ancient Hymns from the Roman Breviary.  First Published in 1837,  it was one of the earliest collections of English hymns translated from the original Latin. For All Thy Saints, O Lord is set to the tune, Narenza which was composed by William Henry Havergal (1793-1870), and based on a melody from Catholicum Hymnologium Germanicum of 1584. A more commonly associated hymn tune with it is Festal Song, as featured in the 2nd video. In the Divine Office it is sung on Feasts and Memorials of Saints or Angels.

Tune: Narenza

FOR ALL THY SAINTS by Richard Mant, 1837 (Public Domain)

 1. For all thy saints, 0 Lord,
our grateful hymn receive,
who followed thee. obeyed, adored,
and strove in thee to live.

 2. For all thy saints, 0 Lord,
accept our thankful cry,
who counted thee their great reward,
who strove in thee to die.

 3. Thine earthly members fit
 to join thy saints above,
in one communion ever knit,
one fellowship of love.

 4. Jesus, thy name we bless,
 and humbly pray that we
may follow them in holiness
and live and die in thee.

 5. All might, all praise, be thine,
Father, co-equal Son,
and Spirit, bond of love divine,
while endless ages run.

Tune: Festal Song

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