April 6, 2013

Hymns from the Divine Office (non-ICEL, 1974)

Numerical index of the hymn selections included in the Divine Office (non-ICEL, 1974) which is approved for use in Australia, England, Gambia, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Malaysia, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, Wales, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Related: Alphabetical Index.

1. Hear the Herald Voice Resounding
2. Creator of the Stars of Night
3. The Co-Eternal Son
4. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
5. O Come, Now Rod of Jesse's Stem
6. A Noble Flower of Juda
7. Afar from Where the Sun Doth Rise
8. Christ Whose Blood for All Men Streamed
9. O Come, All Ye Faithful
10. Unto Us a Child is Given
11. Of the Father's Love Begotten
12. Christ is Here, Emmanuel!
13. Bethlehem of Noblest Cities
14. Songs of Thankfulness and Praise
15. God of thy Pity, Unto Us Thy Children
16. O God Creator of Us All
17. Lord Jesus, Think On Me
18. Jesus, the Sun of Ransomed Earth
19. Now Let Us All With One Accord
20. Man of sorrows, Wrapt in Grief
21. O Cross of Christ Immortal Tree
22. Abroad the Regal Banners Fly
23. O Sacred Head Ill Usèd
24. My Song is Love Unknown
25. Christ the Lord is Risen Again
26. Easter Glory Fills the Sky
27. Alleluia, Sing to Jesus
28. At the Lamb’s High Feast
29. Proclaim his Triumph, Heaven and Earth
30. Come Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain
31. Battle is O'er
32. Come Holy Ghost, Creator Come
33. Come, O Creator Spirit Blest
34. Spirit of God On the Waste and the Darkness
35. Come Down O Love Divine
36. Love of the Father, Love of God the Son
37. Firmly I Believe and Truly
38. To Christ, the Prince of Peace
39. O Sacred Heart
40. When Time Began, God Walked With Man
41. The Church's One Foundation
42. Star of Sea and Ocean
43. Maiden Yet a Mother
44. Mary Crowned with Living Light
45. Hail Queen of Heaven the Ocean Star
46. God Who Made the Earth and Sky
47. Queen on WhoseStarry Brow DothRest
48. O Fathers of Our Ancient Faith
49. Let All On Earth Their Voices Raise
50. The Martyrs Living Now With Christ
51. Our Lord the Path of Suffering Trod
52. The Saints Who Toiled From Place to Place
53. Who Are These Like Stars Appearing?
54. For All Thy Saints, O Lord
55. O Jesu Thou the Virgins' Crown
56. God's Blessed Spirit Moved His Virgin Saint
57. This is the Day Whereon the Lord's True Witness
58. For All the Saints
59. Praise We the Woman
60. Lord God, We Give You Thanks for All Your Saints
61. Remember Those, O Lord
62. Merciful Saviour, Hear Our Humble Prayer
67. The Nativity of Christ
68. The Flower
69. Corpus Christi Carol
70. O King of the Friday
71. Easter (Most Glorious Lord of Lyfe!)
72. At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners
73. Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God
74. O, To Vex Me Contraries Meet In One
75. A Hymn to God the Father
76. De Profundis (Out of My Soul's Depths)
77. To Keep a True Lent
78. The Call (Come, My Way)
79. Love Bade Me Welcome
80. Easter (Rise Heart, Thy Lord is Risen)
81. The Windhover
82. Marina
83. O Perpetual Revolution of Configured Stars
84. One Foot in Eden
85. The Killing
86. Discipline
87. I Bind Unto Myself This Day
88. True Love (My True-Love Hath My Heart)
89. 'O Come Quickly!' (Never Weather-Beaten Sail)
90. Good Lord, Deliver Us!
91. Wilt Thou Forgive That Sin, Where I Begun
92. Hymn to God My God, in My Sickness
93. The Dial
94. Trinity Sunday
95. Antiphon
96. His Litany to the Holy Spirit
97. At a Solemn Music
98. The Morning-Watch
99. Peace
100. The World
101. In No Strange Land (The Kingdom of God is Within You)
102. That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the Comfort of the Resurrection
103. Pied Beauty
104. God's Grandeur
105. O Light Invisible, We Praise Thee!
109. Christ the True Light of Us, True Morn
110. Now it is Evening
111. Lead Kindly Light
112. Abide With Me
113. The Day Thou Gavest
114. Now Thank We All Our God
115. Lord of All Hopefulness
116. Sweet Saviour, Bless Us
117. Alma Redemptoris Mater
118. Mother of Christ, Hear Thou Thy People's Cry
119. Ave Regina Caelorum
120. Hail Queen of Heaven Beyond Compare
121. Regina Caeli
122. Joy Fill Your Heart
123. Queen of Heaven, Rejoice
124. Salve Regina
125. Hail Our Queen
126. O Sanctissima
127. O Most Holy One
128. Come, Holy Spirit, Live in Us
129. Lord God and Maker of All Things
130. Eternal Father, Loving God
131. Te Deum
132. Be Thou My Vision
133. O God of Truth Prepare Our Minds
134. Worship, Glory, Praise and Honour
135. Bright as Fire in Darkness
136. Eternal Father, Through Your Word
137. In Ancient Times, God Spoke to Man
138. How Great the Tale
139. This Day, at Thy Creating Word
140. All Creatures of Our God and King
141. Come Spirit Blest, with God the Son
142. O God of Truth and Lord of Power
143. O God, Creation's Secret Force
144. Where True Love is Dwelling, God is Dwelling There
145. God Hath Spoken by His Prophets
146. Immortal, Invisible

p. 190 - Gall He Drinks (Good Friday)
p. 199 - O Loving Wisdom of Our God (Holy Saturday)
p. 204 - My God I Love Thee (Holy Saturday)
p. 209 - Bring All Ye Dear Bought Nations Bring (Easter Sunday)
p. 263 - The Lord Goes Up With Shouts of Joy (Ascension)
p. 267 - Sower and Seed of Man's Reprieving (Ascension)
p. 295 - A Mighty Wind Invades the World (Pentecost)
p. 305 - Father, Most Holy, Gracious and Forgiving (Trinity)
p. 310 - Hail Our Saviour's Glorious Body (Corpus Christi)
p. 315 - Forth From on High the Father Sends (Corpus Christi)
p. 321 - All Ye Who Seek (Sacred Heart)
p. 325 - The Love of God was Shown to Man (Sacred Heart)
p. 382 - O Light Serene of God the Father's Glory (Evening Prayer)
p. 357 - Hail Redeemer, King Divine (Christ the King)
p. 361 - To Christ the Lord of Worlds We Sing (Christ the King)
p. 388 - Transcendent God in Whom We Live (Morning Prayer)
p. 389 - Christ is the World's Redeemer (Morning Prayer)
p. 395 - Praise to the Holiest (Evening Prayer)
p. 396 - In the Beginning God Created Heaven (Evening Prayer)
p. 402 - The Day is Filled with Splendour (Morning Prayer)
p. 407 - Come, Praise the Lord the Almighty (Evening Prayer)
p. 411 - O Christ the Light of Heaven (Morning Prayer)
p. 417 - O Strength and Stay, Upholding All Creation (Evening Prayer)
p. 421 - Lord God, Your Light which Dims the Stars (Morning Prayer)
p. 426 - Christ be Near at Either Hand (Evening Prayer)
p. 430 - The Father's Glory, Christ Our Light (Morning Prayer)
p. 436 - When God Filled the Earth with Life (Evening Prayer)
p. 441 - We Bless You, Father, Lord of Life (Morning Prayer)
p. 447 - When God Made Man, He Gave Him All the Earth (Evening Prayer)
p. 451 - It Were My Soul's Desire (Morning Prayer)
p. 455 - Blessed Be the Lord Our God (Evening Prayer)
p. 461 - All People Who on Earth Do Dwell (Morning Prayer)
p. 468 - Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (Evening Prayer)
p. 468 - Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven (Evening Prayer)
p. 475 - Come, O Creator Spirit, Come (Morning Prayer)
p. 486 - Father, We Praise You, Now the Night is Over (Morning Prayer)
p. 491 - Before We End Our Day, O Lord (Evening Prayer)
p. 496 - Now that the Daylight Fills the Sky (Morning Prayer)
p. 502 - O Trinity of Blessed Light (Evening Prayer)
p. 507 - Alone with None but Thee, My God (Morning Prayer)
p. 513 - Blest are the Pure in Heart (Evening Prayer)
p. 518 - I Am the Holy Vine (Morning Prayer)
p. 523 - Day is Done (Evening Prayer)
p. 528 - Sing All Creation, Sing to God in Gladness (Morning Prayer)
p. 639 - We Praise You, Father, for Your Gift (Evening Prayer)

Jan. 25 - Apostles of the Gentiles, Paul (St. Paul)
Feb. 2 - Hail to the Lord Who Comes (Presentation of the Lord)
Feb. 22 - O Peter Who Were Named by Christ (St. Peter)
Feb. 22 - Jesus, True God and Rock of Our Salvation (St. Peter)
Mar. 1 - O Great Saint David (St. David)
Mar. 19 - Joseph, the Scriptures Love to Trace (St. Joseph)
Mar. 19 - Joseph, Wise Ruler of God's Earthly Household (St. Joseph)
Mar. 25 - All Creation was Renewed (Annunciation of the Lord)
April 23 - Leader Now on Earth No Longer (St. George)
June 24 - God Called Great Prophets to Foretell (St. John the Baptist)
June 29 - What Fairer Light (Sts. Peter and Paul)
July 22 - Christ Died But Soon Revived Again (St. Mary Magdalen)
Aug. 6 - More Ancient than the Primal World (Transfiguration)
Aug. 15 - Who is She Ascends So High? (Assumption)
Aug. 15 - The Ark Which God Has Sanctified (Assumption)
Sept. 29 - Angels of God You See the Father's Face (Angels)
Sept. 29 - They Come, God's Messengers of Love (Angels)
Nov. 1 - O Fair is Our Lord's Own City (All Saints)
Nov. 1 - The Father's Holy Ones, the Blest (All Saints)
Nov. 30 - When Christ Our Lord to Andrew Cried (St. Andrew)
Dec. 8 - Holy Light on Earth's Horizon (Immaculate Conception)

Angels of God, You See the Father's Face
His Cross Stands Empty
O Blessèd Lord, Creator God (Daytime Prayer)
When Jesus Comes to be Baptized

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